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"Coaching Winners...Mentoring Success!"

    The two leaders of American Marketing Group, Inc., also known as AMG, are Cicardi A. Bruce, our Chairman & CEO, and Richard T. Pisani who is our President & COO. AMG has been a business development firm since 1978 and specializes in business coaching, business brokerage, franchise consulting, and business training. The two principals have over seven decades of combined entrepreneurial success and corporate executive experience and have spent an enormous amount of time onsulting, coaching and mentoring business owners and upper level managers to help them reach their goals in the world of business. One of their primary goals is to help business people become better leaders, managers and problem solvers. They are of the opinion that John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, was right when he stated the following about the true quality of a leader:"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

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Chairman & CEO

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President & COO

Sr. Advisor & Business Coach

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"A 'Business Advisory Board' is a 'peers helping peers' process."

    We now offer the AMG 'Business Advisory Board' service, which is a program designed so that 'peers can help peers' better handle their own company's issues, concerns and problems in the world of business. We have set this up for both entrepreneurs and top-tier managers who want the benefits that can be derived from a business support group. An experienced AMG Group Facilitator hosts a monthly four hour peer group advisory board meeting, as well as a two hour private coaching session with each member of the team. If you qualify as a final decision maker or high-level decision influencer at your firm and are invited to join a group you will be the sole and exclusive individual representing your industry. You will not have a competitor, a client, a vendor or employee on your team. This provides a platform to 'speak openly, freely and honestly' and keeps all that you say and discuss with your peers totally confidential. When an individual joins a team they must execute a 'Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement' to legally protect each other and ensure complete privacy.

    Our firm is a 'blog member' of "Government Gone Wild" (GGW) and will post relevant episodes of their videos from time to time so you can review, evaluate and asses current economic and political trends on your own. You know that your direct competitors can affect your company's business plan and now you can learn by watching GGW how the U.S. Congress can have either a positive or negative impact on the business and industry you work in on a daily basis. Both the world of business and our U.S. Federal Government are in the midst of debt-ridden and uncertain economic times. So, it's always smart to stay up with current affairs, call upon experts in your field for advice and join a group of your peers so they can help you solve problems, become a better leader and improve the overall health of your company. No matter what your affiliation is as a Republican, Democrat, Independent or other party it's wise to stay tuned to local, regional, national and international current affairs and the game of politics because it may cause you to make a change in your short-term or long-term business plan.

    This concept operates exactly like an official board of directors, which is a legal requirement for all the publicly traded companies and a norm for large privately held firms in the U.S. As you know, our own Federal Government is governed by Congress, which is set up like board-centered control group to take care of the many needs of the 312M American citizens. As a Business Advisory Board member you act in an unofficial capacity by giving feedback to your peers who share their issues, concerns and problems so they can get suggestions, ideas and advice from their teammates who may have dealt successfully with a similar incident in the past.

    Also, every not-for-profit organization that you have supported with your donated time or financial support is actually run by a small paid staff and a volunteer peer group advisory board of like-minded individuals who want to make a difference and help a worthy cause. Their job as a team is to work together towards a specific goal, set up active working committees and help with event planning and host the fundraising events that will bring in awareness, education and the monies needed for their specific cause. A team effort makes a big difference, so don't try to go it alone.

    There are several major benefits that individuals receive from becoming an AMG Business Advisory Board member. Individual business owners who are considered 'First in Command' and are considered final decision makers (FDM's) or upper level managers who are considered 'High-Level Decision Influencers (HDI's) are guided by the two principals of AMG who have over seven decades of combined Corporate America and entrepreneurial experience. Cicardi Bruce and Rich Pisani are ready, willing and able to share their successful business experiences with each member in both the four hour monthly group meetings, as well as the two hour private coaching sessions. Members also receive additional benefits that are derived automatically from this 'peers helping peers' process. Having each teammate interface with experienced individuals in their very own peer group advisory board allows all members to share suggestions, ideas and advice with each other. Most members will have very similar business issues, concerns and problems that can be best handled with input from their own teammates. Also, since team members have similar titles, job descriptions, authority lines and responsibilities they can relate to each other and have an understanding of their teammates problems that superiors, peers and underlings at their firm simply may not comprehend. Plus, each individual has a vision for both themselves and their own company's growth and success. So, openly and honestly solving problems with an experienced AMG Group Facilitator and like-minded group of peers will help each member become more effective and efficient as leaders, managers and problem solvers at their company. Ultimately, this process will have a positive impact on the overall health and financial stability of each members firm. During these difficult economic times both entrepreneurs and top-tier managers must become more resourceful so they can increase gross sales, cut back on unnecessary expenses so they can improve bottom line profits...the goal of every company in the U.S.

"Weigh your investment versus the benefits of joining

our Business Advisory Board program for a

"90 Day Evaluation'' period first."

    Surely you have heard the old truism of "try'll like us", right? Well, AMG offers just that. Depending on your position with the firm you can join either our business owners group or an upper level managers team for a '90 Day Evaluation Period.'You can then participate in three of our Business Advisory Board peer group meetings, plus three private business coaching sessions with an AMG Group Facilitator to see if you or your firm can benefit from the 'peers helping peers' process. So, if you're truly interested in improving your company's outlook for the future and honing your leadership skills you may want to check us out for our trial period first. If you qualify for either our "First in Command" business owners group or upper level managers team you can apply for this evaluation period ...the membership dues are $550 per month for either group. If there's a position available on a team that doesn't have one of your competitors, a client, a vendor, one of your employees or partners then you will be invited to join our program in a specific group for our '90 Day Evaluation Period'. During this time frame you can see if you actually derive the benefits that you are looking for from the four hour monthly unofficial 'advisory board' meetings, as well as the two hour 'private coaching sessions' with your AMG Group Facilitator.

    Here's how the trial program works for both you and your teammates so you can evaluate each other and the benefits of the process. First, you must pay your dues on the first calendar day of each month by electronic funds transfer (EFT), plus attend and actively participate in all three group meetings and private coaching sessions. Secondly, you must have started to develop both the AMG 'templated' short-term '90 Day Action Plan' and '5 Year Business Plan' while you are waiting to join a team for your firm. If you pay your dues on time, attend the first three four hour team meetings during the initial three months, participate in six hours of private business coaching sessions with a Group Facilitator in those three months and have started the two business plans, but don't get any ideas that may make a positive difference for you or your company then your three payments of $550 each will be returned...with no questions asked. However, if this process works for you and your firm it may be worth your time to complete our twelve month program and become a long-term client of AMG. The old adage of "try'll like us" really works well in this case. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. If you activate one good idea that helps you or your firm then your decision to stay on the team should be easy.

    Likewise, the team gets to try you out for ninety days too. Your AMG Group Facilitator and teammates have the same rights during this "90 Day Evaluation Period" that you do. So, if they don't collectively feel that they received what they expected in the way of good solid ideas, suggestions or advice from you as a peer group advisory board member you will not be asked to return for the group meeting or private coaching session in the fourth month and your membership agreement will be canceled. Your three monthly dues of $550 each will be returned...again, with no questions asked.

    Thus, the '90 Day Evaluation Period' is fair because it's a two way street that works both ways to ensure a 'win win' for all the individuals on the and you will be helped. Therefore, when you proactively participate in the three monthly peer group advisory board meetings and the three private coaching sessions you and your company will benefit. The start of your '90 Day Action Plan' and '5 Year Business Plan' is priceless if done properly and your Group Facilitator and all of your peers are there to insure that you make it all happen. Also, history has proven that members of a peer group advisory board of six or more members make far better and quicker decisions collectively than any one or two individuals can. Your talent, ability and all of your leadership and management skills will become sharpened and your business will prosper and become healthier in all areas. Plus, this process gives you a much better chance of growing and succeeding in these difficult, uncertain and tumultuous economic times. So, let's try each other out.

"Membership dues and your 'Return on Investment'."

    The monthly AMG 'Business Advisory Board' membership dues of $550 are an investment in yourself, your company and your future. It's affordable and it's equivalent to a monthly car payment. When you invest in a vehicle you know you're loosing money the moment you drive off the's a depreciating asset with a long-term debt. Our membership dues are automatically taken by electronic funds transfer (EFT) on the first calendar business day of each month. AMG will first deduct this amount from your account of choice for your "90 Day Evaluation Period." If you are asked and agree to stay into the fourth month and for the balance of the twelve month membership period the EFT will continue for an additional nine months. Because you will devote your time, effort, energy and money into improving your very own leadership and management skills your 'return on investment' (ROI) can be equal to - or much greater than - what you put into the process by actively participating with your teammates. The more you participate and use the benefits of your AMG Group Facilitator and your own business support group the more you and your firm will prosper. Your investment of $550 and 6 hours per month will be returned many times throughout the year to you and your firm. One solid idea that comes from this process can more than cover the annual investment and give your firm a great return for the future.

"Peers helping peers at a round-table discussion."

    Since 1978 AMG has been offering some unique and very special services as a business development firm. For over three decades now we have been working with individuals who want to start a business, buy an existing firm, sell their company or franchise their concept. As you have read we also offer both sales training and entrepreneurial studies courses. Because of this experience we have dealt with individuals and professionals from the business world, including business buyers, sellers, active partners, silent investors, bankers, the Small Business Administration (SBA), attorneys, accountants, special consultants, union negotiators, landlords, venture capitalists, city and county councils and a host of government officials...just to name a few. We've learned a lot in this process and are ready, willing and able to help you achieve your business goals in life.

    Therefore, and because of the vast array of business experiences outlined above, we have spent a countless number of hours consulting, coaching and mentoring individuals in the world of business to help them succeed. We are able to deliver professional advice because we have focused our energy on these special services for our clients for over three decades, which include business coaching, business brokerage, franchise consulting and business training. As a result of working with these types of business clients the AMG 'Business Advisory Board' service was launched so we can share our experience and help others become more successful in their business venture.

AMG can help you start your own company, buy a business

or sell your privately held firm in a confidential manner.

    In 1978 our President & Founder launched his first company, American Business Brokers, Inc. It was established to appraise and market privately held small and medium size businesses in the St. Louis Region. He expanded by franchising the business model to twenty three offices strong in the Midwest before selling out to a privately held firm in 1981. During that period of time the chain helped a hundreds of individuals start their own business, plus listed and sold hundreds of privately held companies in a very confidential manner.

AMG can help you expand by franchising your firm. We've

been a franchisor, a franchisee and a franchise agent.

    Since 1978, AMG has had the opportunity to serve the business community as a franchisor, a franchisee and a franchise agent. So, with over three decades of expertise in the world of franchising, we can help you expand your business concept on a local, regional or national basis using other peoples money and manpower. Locally, AMG is best known for the packaging and development of the franchise expansion of The Pasta House, Co Italian restaurant chain. AMG also launched the franchise expansion program for Ruma's Deli and The Crack Team. Nationally we are well recognized for handling the expansion of VR Business Brokers, Inc. from seventy five offices in New England to over 650 franchise offices in North America before helping them with their IPO in the mid-eighties. Additionally, AMG helped create and launch the Information Protection Solutions of America (IPSA) from one shredding firm in downtown Chicago to over 140 licensed full-service locations in the U.S. before the stockholders sold out to a public company in 2011.

AMG offers two different types of business training courses:

'Entrepreneurial Studies' & 'Professional Selling Techniques'

'Entrepreneurial Studies'

    The other business training course is titled 'Entrepreneurial Studies' (ES), which will show individuals how to create both a short-term '90 Day Action Plan' to handle a current business challenge and a long-term '5 Year Business Plan' in order to build a 'success track' into your firms future. Also, it will teach individuals how to start their own business, buy or sell an independent business or expand an already successful business model by franchising their concept using other peoples financial strength, talent and ability. Additionally, we cover the seventy different ways to advertise your product or service, how to use social internet and personal networking for lead generation, as well as how to create and send out a press release to promote your firms new product, new service, charity events, community support, etc. to give your firm the credibility it needs in your specific market area.

'Professional Selling Techniques'

    The sales training course we offer is called 'Professional Selling Techniques' (PST), which gives both basic and advanced sales training to a company's sales team. The President of our firm spent over seven successful years at Xerox Corporation in St. Louis in sales, major account marketing, sales training and sales management. He had the opportunity to serve as their Branch Sales Training Manager and was trained to be a sales trainer so he could deliver their famous 'Professional Selling Skills' (PSS) course to new and experienced Xerox sales personnel. Also, since Xerox offered this sales training program to the Fortune 1000 company's, Rich had the opportunity to train a variety of new and seasoned sales representatives, including direct competitors of Xerox like IBM and Kodak. This type of sales training includes classroom, video role plays, peer group presentations and in-field calls if required by the firm. The benefit is twofold in that PST will improve the sales persons commission income, as well as increase the gross revenues and net profit of the business they work with.

YouTube Video on

'Wealth Distribution'

    A final note...please click on this link 'YouTube Wealth Distribution' for a very interesting video that will put 'perception vs reality' of the 'poor, lower, middle, upper and highest classes' in the proper perspective. It doesn't matter what political party you have a bent for...educate yourself and derive your own conclusions with the information that is presented.

    Many believe that the real way to wealth is to own and operate a company and write your own checks. Many of the 312M citizens that live in the U.S. are entrepreneurs and are among the top one percent (1%) of the wealthiest people in America that hold forty percent (40%) of the almost sixty (60) Trillion of our nations net worth. Of the 312M Americans there are currently an average of 146M U.S. citizens file a tax return on a total gross income of $8.2T. Ten percent of the taxpayers earn 50% of that income stream and ninety percent earn the other 50%. Hence, the Wealth distribution amongst the citizenry in our country is completely out of balance as you can see in this YouTube video. Again, you be the judge based on the information you watch. AMG does not take a position on this subject, but feels it's important for you to have this information because we all know that 'knowledge is power', which can benefit you and your business.

    If you would like to meet with us for a private session or attend one of our informational seminars you can visit AMG at our offices that are headquartered in AMG Corporate Offices center. We are located in the St. Louis, MO area in a municipality called Chesterfield. Our offices are situated directly in front of Chesterfield Mall on the 4th. floor of the Merrill Lynch building...see details and open map 'link' below.

Cicardi A. Bruce & Richard T. Pisani

Chairman & CEO President & COO

400 Chesterfield Center (S-400)

Chesterfield, MO 63017

Hours of Operation

8 am to 5 pm

Monday thrum Friday

636-537-7720 (o)         636-519-7222 (f)

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"There is a light at the end of the tunnel and

we can help you get through it successfully"

Cicardi A. Bruce    &    Richard T. Pisani

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