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    One of the major benefits of doing business with AMG is the fact that our two principals, Cicardi Bruce and Rich Pisani, have over seventy collective years of both corporate America and entrepreneurial experience...and they are ready, willing and able to share it with clients. That being said, AMG offers two different types of business training that are ultimately tied together and necessary for all individuals who want to become a more effective sales person and business owner. 

Professional Selling Techniques


Entrepreneurial Studies

"Want to learn how to earn more commission income and

increase your firms gross revenues and net profit?"

    The president of our firm spent seven successful years with Xerox Corporation in sales, sales training and sales management. In 1973 he became their Branch Sales Training Manager where he taught their famous Professional Selling Skills (PSS) course, which was sold world-wide to large marketing firms. Xerox hired one of the best motivational speakers during those times to help train and motivate their sales force across the country. He was the inspirational and legendary football coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi. A '2nd. Effort' short-film was produced for Xerox, which Rich Pisani used as their Branch Sales Training Manager during every sales training session in the early 1970's. Both new and experienced Xerox sales professionals watched this film so they could better understand the true value of a 'win win' experience with prospective new clients. They learned that professional sales persistence during a presentation to a prospect was expected by all decision makers. On a subconscious level, all decision makers want a sales person to 'deserve and earn the right to an order' and to help solve a problem for them or their company Also, the sales personnel took their Xerox 'Professional Selling Skills' (PSS) course more serious because they all had respect for the famous football coach, Coach Lombardi. So, they were able to learn how to actually try harder to solve a problem for decision makers they were calling on rather than walk away on the first few 'no thank you' comments after asking for an order. As many of us know, Vince Lombardi often stated that 'nobody remembers who came in second place." Giving it your best during a football game and trying to win every game was his teams goal. Doing your absolute best on every sales call and trying to close the sale by solving a problem for a decision maker should be every sales persons goal. Both new and experienced marketeers need the proper training and support from a true leader and excellent coach and AMG can deliver just that.

    Since 1987 Rich has been teaching AMG's 'Professional Selling Techniques' (PST) course, which covers both basic and advanced selling skills. He also taught courses in entrepreneurship at the 'Center for Entrepreneurial Studies' at St. Louis University for eight years ('87 - '94), as well as St. Louis Community College for twenty two years ('87 - '09. The basic and advanced courses can help your marketing team improve the gross sales and net profit for your company.

    We can customize a training program for your sales force or upper level marketing management team to improve your total sales revenue and bottom line profits.

    Other courses that we taught at St. Louis University and St. Louis Community College for twenty two years and to our clients over the decades that can be shared with your firms decision makers and top-tier managers include the following:

    The President of our company, Rich Pisani, has an extensive background in sales training and entrepreneurial studies. He was the Branch Sales Training Manager at Xerox Corporation before he launched his own business and franchise brokerage firm in 1977. He continued his education and received his Fellowship in Entrepreneurial Studies at St. Louis University through their Price-Babson Fellows Program. He has taught Professional Selling Techniques (PST) and courses on Entrepreneurship to thousands of people from all walks of life as an independent consultant to the business world, and as an Adjunct Professor at both St. Louis University and St. Louis Community College since 1987.

    The Professional Selling Techniques course is a 24 hour basic sales training course that covers the following topics and can be customized for your company. We also offer advanced sales training that includes audio-visual role playing and in-field lead generation and customer service calls if required.

    The Entrepreneurial Studies (ES) course includes short-term action plans, long-term business plans, how to start a new business, how to purchase the right company, how to prepare an exit strategy to sell your firm, seventy ways to advertise your product or service, how to write a press release and more.

Course Outline

  1) What Are You Really Selling?

  2) Sales Tools Necessary to Perform Professionally.

  3) Knowing Your Firms Product/Service and Price Point.

  4) Knowing Your Competitors Product/Service and Price Point.

  5) Target Marketing with Lists and Demographics.

  6) Using the Right Prospecting Lists.

  7) Using Current Digital Technology to Your Benefit.

  8) Prospecting for the Decision Maker.

  9) Dealing with a High-Level Decision Influencer.

10) Working with a Low-Level Decision Influencer.

11) How to handle the 'Gate Keeper'.

12) Telemarketing Techniques and Scripts for Cold Calling.

13) In-Field Cold Calling Techniques.

14) Setting the Appointment With the Decision Maker.

15) Confirming the Appointment.

16) Preparing for the Appointment.

17) Showing up Early for the Appointment.

18) The Warm Up with the Decision Maker.

19) A Two Person Call with the Decision Maker.

20) Dress Codes.

21) Body Language.

22) Eye Contact.

23) Word Choice.

24) The Presentation.

25) The Warm Up.

26) Telling Features.

27) Explaining Advantages.

28) Selling Benefits.

29) Handling Objections.

30) Paraphrasing.

31) Trial Closing.

32) Closing the Sale.

33) Preparing the Order Form.

34) Getting the Decision Makers Approval

35) Call Backs on Your Prospect.

36) Proposal Writing.

37) Demonstrating Your Product or Service.

38) Trial and Evaluation Periods.

39) How and When to Use Reference Letters.

40) Customer Care After the Sale.

41) Marketing to Existing Customers.

42) Getting Leads from Existing Customers.

43) Following up on Existing Customer Leads. 

Course Outline

  1) Should I Start a New Business from Scratch?

  2) Should I Purchase a New Franchise?

  3) Should I Buy an Existing Independent Business?

  4) Should I Purchase an Existing Franchise for Sale?

  5) How to Create a Short Term 90 Day Action Plan?

  6) How tdo I Produce a Long Term 5 Year Business Plan?

  7) Preparing a 5 Year Financial Projection for Your Company.

  8) What's My Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Break-Even?

  9) Preparing a Professional Power Point Presentation.

10) How Do I Secure Start-Up Funding and Working Capital?

11) Establishing Lines of Credit for Your Firm.

12) How to Build Up Reserve Capital for Your Company.

13) A Private Placement Memorandums (PPM) to Raise Funds.

14) What to Expect from Investor Loans vs Investor Equity Funding.

15) Who should Raise the Necessary Funds for Your Venture?

16) Choosing an Active Partner vs a Silent Investor.

17) Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks that You May Need.

18) Using Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements.

19) What Agreements do You Need to Operate Your Business?

20) Setting Up Your New Company and Where to Start.

21) Establishing the Correct Legal Entity for Your New Firm.

22) Your Business Name, Logo and Tag Line.

23) What Type of Design Should I Use and Who Does This For Me?

24) Do I need Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Brochures, etc.?

25) Do I Need to Create a User-Friendly Website?

26) Using Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.

27) How do I Drive People to Our Website?

28) Choosing Your Lawyer, CPA, Banker, and Business Consultant.

29) The Value of Expert Consultants, Business Coaches and Mentors.

30) Negotiating with Landlords and Reviewing Leases.

31) Finding the Right Location for Your Business.

32) Selecting the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment you Really Need.

33) Personal Networking vs Social Networking Techniques.

34) 70 Ways to Advertise Your Product or Service.

35) Advertising on the Internet, Print Media, Radio, TV, etc..

36) Public Relations and Preparing a Press Release.

37) Starting Your Own Independent Business.

38) Purchasing a New Franchise Opportunity.

39) Buying an Existing Business or Franchise.

40) Appraising and Selling Your Current Business.

41) Franchising Your Business Model to the Public.

42) Business Bankruptcy and Today's Economy.

43) Fraud Awareness and How to Protect Your Company's Privacy.

"There is a light at the end of the tunnel and

we can help you get through it successfully"

Cicardi A. Bruce    &    Richard T. Pisani

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