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To:       Prospective BAB's Members

From:  Cicardi Bruce & Rich Pisani

Subj:   '90 Day Action Plan' and the
            '5 Year Business Plan' Outlines

Date:   July 1, 2015

Dear Prospective Member,

Thank you for interest in becoming a new AMG 'Business Advisory Board' member and for reviewing our website

Below is an updated outline for our AMG '90 Day Action Plan' and '5 Year Business Plan'. New 'Business Advisory Board' members are required to start creating during the team building process and 'waiting period'. Also, it is a requirement that each Member develop and launch both plans during the Members first twelve months as a new teammate. The purpose of launching these two plans is to benefit both the Member and the business that the Member either owns or manages. The two business plan outlines can be customized by an individual business owner or upper level manager for a new start-up operation or existing business entity for a variety of reasons because AMG provides them with a 'templated version' of each plan in Microsoft WORD. Professional business leaders and executive level managers in small and medium size firms use these types of plans to keep their business 'on track' for both the short-term and long-term, so they can achieve their goals on a quarterly basis as well as five years in the future.

In most cases both a short-term and long-term business plans are a requirement for a start up company in order to secure proper bank funding for their new business venture. Existing businesses use it to attract new partners, executive level managers, potential investors or additional bank financing. Prospective franchisees are normally required to have both plans created that meet the standards and requirements of the franchisors operating manual that are approved by their franchisor.

Also, keep in mind that there is no single right way to lay out a '90 Day Action Plan' or a '5 Year Business Plan'. Facilitators and Members can feel free to add, subtract, and rearrange items on the AMG plans as needed. If you do ignore or delete sections, make sure that the information involved either does not apply to your businesses product or service or is properly addressed in other sections of the plans. Drafting, developing and creating both a short-term and long-term business plan can increase your businesses chances of success in today's unpredictable economic climate.

Additionally, it's normal to create several drafts of both plans before you come up with a final that you are happy with. Then, the two plans will be reviewed by your AMG Group Facilitator and your peer group advisory board in hopes that they can help you improve the content and effectiveness of the plans. Once you have what you consider to be your 'final draft' of the plans you will have a final peer review to make sure you've covered all the topics, that the information you have makes sense to the reader and is ready to be printed, packaged and ready to be presented. Once your plans are approved by both you and your peers it can help you become a better leader and manager, which can improve the overall health and financial stability of your firm. Please know that it can take up to thirty days to create the outline for your '90 Day Action Plan' and up to six months to develop your outline your final '5 Year Business Plan'...even with help from experts. You will most likely need to amend your plans as time marches on so your company can adapt to your clients needs, industry shifts, competitive threats, financial changes and economic swings.

Finally, AMG is the 'Founding Sponsor' of the U.S. Small Business Institute (SBI) since 1985 and has SBI 'Business Advisors' that can give business counseling to entrepreneurs and their top-tier executives at no charge, as long as they have less than 250 full time employs and are experiencing a financial hardship during these uncertain recessionary times. You can learn more about our SBI program that 'supports the growth and the development of small businesses' at our new site at Also, since both AMG and its SBI program are a staunch supporters of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) you can access information on a variety of topics for your company at their site, including the creation of a business plan, at

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions so we can assist you in the creation, development and finalization of your two plans.

Cicardi A. Bruce


314-941-0779 (c)

Richard T. Pisani


314-952-2640 (c)

400 Chesterfield Center - Suite 400, Chesterfield MO 63017

636-537-7720 (w) or 636-519-7222 (f)



Today's Date:

(change the date with each draft)


          Please read through this plan from top-to-bottom first to take a look at the big picture before you start taking notes.The lines below each item in the outline below are for taking notes by hand only. Once you have completed your first manual draft please use your computer with Microsoft WORD to develop a readable proof that has more detail. Your AMG Group Facilitator and Business Advisory Board teammates will review the entire document and give you feedback to digest that will help you enhance and improve this plan. Also, attach any relevant material (ie: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, Internet hard copy, CD's, DVD's, prior plans, etc.) to all line items that ask for backup data for your peers to review. Good luck completing your plan and don't hesitate to ask AMG for help.

90 Day Action Plan

written for:

Name:      ___________________________________________________________________________________

Address:   ___________________________________________________________________________________


Phone:      ___________________________________________________________________________________

Website:   ___________________________________________________________________________________

Email:      ___________________________________________________________________________________

written by:

Name:       ___________________________________________________________________________________

Address:    ___________________________________________________________________________________

Phone:       ___________________________________________________________________________________

Email:        ___________________________________________________________________________________

Linkedin:   ___________________________________________________________________________________


Goal setting questions and information:

1) What are the top 5 goals you want accomplished with this 90 Day Action Plan?

(prioritize in order of importance)






2) Why are these goals being accomplished important to you and your company?

(brief explanation)

3) How do you plan on reaching these goals in 90 days for your company?

(brief explanation)



Planning questions and information:

 4) What is your 'start' and 'stop' date for authoring your 90 Day Action Plan?

(You can take up to 30 days to author, approve and launch this 90 day plan)

Start Date: _______________ Stop Date: _______________

5) What is your 'start' and 'stop' date to launch and end the 90 Day Action Plan?

(You can take up to 13 weeks to launch and complete this 90 day plan)

Start Date: _______________ Stop Date: _______________

6) Give start/stop dates for 90 Day Action Plan once the plan is approved.

Start Date: _______________ Stop Date: _______________

7) Who will be appointed the project manager during this planning process?

     (give the name and title)?

8) Where will this manager and team physically work on this project?

     (on-site or off site location)?

9) What do you want the project manager’s team to do/not do?

10) When will you personally interface with the project manager and the team?

      (give the time, date and place)

11) Who will be appointed the Final Decision Maker (FDM) on this project?

      (will it be you or someone else)?

12) Who will be appointed the High-Level Decision Influencers on this project?

      (list all of the names).

13) Who will be the Low-Level Decision Influencers (LDI) on this project (worker bees)?

14) Who will be your ‘advisory board members’ that will advise on this project (give names/titles)?

15) Which competitor(s) will be involved in this project?

16) Will you conduct a ‘direct competitor survey’ for your firm and when?

17) Will you need extra funding during this planning process and if so how much:

18) What is your ‘total sales projection’ during years 1, 2, 3. 4 and 5 of this plan?

19) What is your ‘total expense projection’ during years 1, 2, 3. 4 and 5 of this plan?

20) What is a ‘total profit/loss projection’ during years 1, 2, 3. 4 and 5 of this plan?

Year 1: $ _________________________________________________________________________________________

Year 2: $ ______________________________________________________________________________________

Year 3: $ ______________________________________________________________________________________

Year 4: $ ______________________________________________________________________________________

Year 5: $ ______________________________________________________________________________________

1) Do you plan on soliciting a silent investor/partner for your company? When?

22) Do you plan on acquiring another company and if so why and when?



Other questions you want to answer during this process.

(you can ask questions and provide more information here)









Weekly Goal and Action to be Taken

(you can use more or less time than 13 weeks to suit your needs)

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 8:

Week 9:

Week 10:

Week 11:

Week 12:

Week 13:


1) Summarize your past 5 fiscal years 'gross sales'.

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

2) Summarize your past 5 fiscal years of 'expenses'.

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

3) Summarize your past 5 fiscal years of 'profit/loss'.

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

          $ ___________________ Year end _________________

4) What were your actual total gross sales for the past several quarters?

          $ ___________________ Quarter end _________________

          $ ___________________ Quarter end _________________

          $ ___________________ Quarter end _________________

          $ ___________________ Quarter end _________________

5) Current fiscal year goals:

             a) Weekly/monthly/yearly sales revenue goal.

            b) Weekly/monthly/yearly expense goal.

            c) Weekly/monthly/yearly profit/loss goal. 

6) Summarize your Accounts Receivable.

          $ ___________________ (30 days) # of clients: ______________________

          $ ___________________ (60 days) # of clients: ______________________

          $ ___________________ (90 days) # of clients: ______________________

7) Summarize your Accounts Payable.

          $ ___________________ (30 days) # of clients: ______________________

          $ ___________________ (60 days) # of clients: ______________________

          $ ___________________ (90 days) # of clients: ______________________

8) Summarize your top 3 accounts that are 'bad debts' and amount owed.

          Name: ___________________ $ ___________________

          Name: ___________________ $ ___________________

          Name: ___________________ $ ___________________

9) Summarize your banks names and type of account you have with them.

          Bank Name: ___________________ Type Account ___________________

          Bank Name: ___________________ Type Account ___________________

          Bank Name: ___________________ Type Account ___________________

          Bank Name: ___________________ Type Account ___________________

10) How much money do you now have in your business checking accounts?

          $ ___________________ Account # _______________________________

          $ ___________________ Account # _______________________________

          $ ___________________ Account # _______________________________

          $ ___________________ Account # _______________________________

11) How much money do you now have in your business savings accounts?

          $ ___________________ Account # ___________________

          $ ___________________ Account # ___________________

          $ ___________________ Account # ___________________

          $ ___________________ Account # ___________________



Summary of the Employee Data:

1) Summarize your company's basic employee information.

          # ___________________ Total active employees

          # ___________________ Total part time employees

          # ___________________ Total full time employees

          # ___________________ Executive level officers

          # ___________________ Upper level managers

          # ___________________ Middle level managers

          # ___________________ Lower level managers

          # ___________________ Union members

          # ___________________ Sales representatives

          # ___________________ Technical/service representatives

          # ___________________ Administrative/staff personnel

          # ___________________ Independent contractors (1099)

          $ ___________________ Total annual cost for all of the above

2) How many employees have self terminated in the past 12 months?

          # ___________________ Why? _________________________________

3) How many employees did your company terminate in the past 12 months?

          # ___________________ Why? _________________________________

4) Do you suspect any employee of wrong-doing at your firm and if so what?




Summary of the customer base data:

1) Summarize basic customer base information.

$ ___________________ Total # of current and active clients.

$ ___________________ Total # of clients on a 'thirty day' service agreement.

$ ___________________ Total # of clients on a 'one year' service agreement.

$ ___________________ Total # of clients on a 'two year' service agreement.

$ ___________________ Total # of clients on a 'three year' service agreement.

$ ___________________ Top 20% of our clients generate this total revenue.

$ ___________________ Bottom 80% of our clients generate this total revenue.


Summary of the competitors data:

1) How many direct competitors does your firm have in your market area?

          # _____________________

2) Name your top 5 competitors (rank 1st. to last with approx. market %).

          Name: _____________________________ Market % ____________

          Name: _____________________________ Market % ____________

          Name: _____________________________ Market % ____________

          Name: _____________________________ Market % ____________

          Name: _____________________________ Market % ____________

3) What is the % of your company's 'market share' in your area?

          % ____________________

4) What is the % of your # one competitors 'market share' in your area?

          % ____________________

5) How can you gain more market % in your area?



Summary of your current marketing plan:


1) Public relations campaign (press releases, news stories, etc.)

2) Product/service merchandising campaign (point of sale, discounts, etc.) 

3) Sales training program (sales training courses, seminars, etc.)

4) Radio advertising campaign (station names, audience, etc.)

5) Television advertising campaign (station names, audience, etc.)

6) Newsprint advertising campaign (local papers name, magazines, etc.)

7) Yellow pages advertising campaign (books, digital ads, etc.)

8) Internet advertising campaign (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.)

9) Direct mail advertising campaign ( Money Mailer, Val Pak, etc.)

10) Transit advertising campaign (buses, taxis, mobile billboard, etc.)

11) Coupon advertising campaign (printed, Groupon, etc.)

12) Gift certificate campaign (printed, Groupon, etc.)

13) Other campaign name: _________________________________________________________ (explain below)

14) Other campaign name: _________________________________________________________ (explain below)

15) Other campaign name: _________________________________________________________ (explain below)



Summary of the attachments you should add to this plan:

  1) Old and current short-term action plans (90 day problem solving plan).

  2) Old and current long-term business plans. (5 year operating plan)

  3) Employee title and job description manual.

  4) Training, policy, procedure and support manuals.

  5) Stockholder agreement.

  6) LLC operating agreement. 

  7) Investor/stockholder buy-out formula.

  8) Independent contractor agreements.

  9) Non-compete agreements.

10) Non-disclosure agreements.

11) Customer/client agreements.

12) Vendor/supplier agreements.

13) Employment agreements.

14) Software programs to conduct business.

15) Building lease agreement.

16) Equipment lease agreements.

17) Patents, copyrights and trademarks.

18) Secretary of State legal entity certificate.

20) Business permits.

21) Customer opinion surveys.

22) Employee attitude surveys.

23) Competitor surveys.

24) Brochures, CD's, DVD's, YouTube Videos, etc.

25) Other: ____________________________

26) Other: ____________________________



Summary of the company organization chart:

1) Draw a chart with names, titles and direct/indirect reporting lines.

2) Determine areas of authority/responsibility/decision making by title.

 3) Outline your company's departments and committees.

4) Show direct reports with a straight line.

5) Show indirect reports with a dotted line.

6) Show who temps, contractors, consultants and professionals report to.

7) Show your main attorney, accountant, banker and business/IT consultant.