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About Us

"Coaching Winners...Mentoring Success!"

    The leaders of AMG know that the proverbial 'light at the end of the tunnel' can be a safe exit to your business journey or an on-coming train if you have never taken that pathway. One light can brighten your path so you can find your way through the the exit and helps you conclude a successful trip in the world of business.

    On the other hand the 'light at the end of your tunnel' could be on-coming problem that can wreck your chances of success. If you start on your journey with a team of experts they can help you through the tunnel...safely and successfully. And the AMG goal is to get you through it successfully.

"There is a light at the end of the tunnel and

we can help you get through it successfully."

    We have assembled a team of experts that can help guide, direct and assist you every step of the way on your exciting and wonderful journey. However, imagine taking a hike all alone in a forest you've never been through before or climbing a mountain without a tour guide who knows the terrain and the path of least resistance. An expert mountain climber and well-seasoned guide not only becomes an individual who has a plan that shows the best route to take, but also has a backup plan because they know that changes can occur and they need to be prepared to take an alternate route and safe detour.

    A smart individual business person knows the limits of their own talent and ability. More importantly they are aware of their own shortcomings and aren't afraid to engage professionals who can help when they need it. They know that if they hire an expert tour guide they will secure the proper equipment for the trek, plus get the proper training, support, guidance and direction they need that will ensure the safety of all involved. An expert in a specific field can show you the way, keep you safe during your journey, make sure you're with the right climbing team of peers and that they all have the 'right stuff' for a safe and successful adventure. If you engage a specialist who is an experienced guide that can give you a list of everything that you will need for your journey and leads you safely through the woods or up the mountain then your chance of being successful are increased dramatically...your tour guide is priceless in this situation. If you try to go-it-alone without any professional help you're taking an unnecessary risk and possibly taking your life into your own hands.

    An example of this is an individual business person who has only been an employee for a company, but truly believes that they understand how to own and operate a business. They either think they have all the answers or have too much pride and are embarrassed to ask someone for assistance. This is where you'll realize the benefit of working with the principals of AMG. We have over seventy years of collective experience in the field of entrepreneurship and corporate America that can definitely increase your chances of success in the business world, but you have to realize the need and engage us to help you. We can do this by sharing our experiences with you during consulting meetings, coaching sessions and mentoring gatherings at a pace that works best for you. We'll introduce you to our experts who are qualified and experienced professionals that we know, trust and have worked with for years.

    Also, if you're interested, qualified and invited to join our AMG 'Business Advisory Board' you will be yoked with our experienced Group Facilitator and business support group of like-minded teammates who will be ready, willing and able to help you. This type of group interaction, plus the one-on-one private coaching sessions from the Group Facilitator will help you become a better leader and manager, which will improve the overall health of your business and add financial stability to your company during these uncertain economic times. Because the AMG principals have over seven decades of both corporate America and entrepreneurial experience you will receive many benefits from their willingness to share their expertise.

"An AMG 'Business Advisory Board'

meeting in session with peers-helping-peers fix problems."

    Additionally, when you join a peer group advisory board you will receive the benefits of decades of your entire teammates business experiences. As a member of this group you will become part of an unofficial board of directors who actually care about you achieving your business goals, which can have a positive impact on your personal life as well. Simply stated, they'll help you because you'll help them. There's no question about the old adage that states "two heads are better than one." Also, when a business person joins a team of like-minded individuals they can accomplish more in a shorter period of time than trying to do everything by yourself. It's a simple fact of life in both the business world and ones personal life.

    Our goal is to help you get through the business tunnel safely and successfully and assist you on your climb up the ladder to the top. We can share with you what to expect, how to handle it and judge whether or not you're on a safe ladder that's has a solid footing...or not. We hold the bottom of the ladder steady and in place in order to help you take each step on the rung precisely, correctly and successfully. Thus, we can help business owners and upper level managers of small and medium size company's move forward and seek safe paths to success.

"It can be a lonely climb to the

top and can be very difficult staying there."

    The two principals of AMG believe that in most everyone's business journey it can be a very lonely climb to the top and can be even more difficult trying to stay there. However, since our principals have over seven decades of combined entrepreneurial and corporate America experience they can help you on every rung on the ladder. They also have their own AMG Advisory Board, plus a team of experts that they confer with and engage on an 'as needed ' basis to help them assist their own clients accomplish their specific business goals if necessary.

    Their are many roads to take, but what's the right one and direction for you...the road less traveled or follow the follow the other cars. Also, everyone knows that there are several ways to get almost anywhere if you have a built in GPS, which most don't have when they take their very first entrepreneurial journey. There are several routes that you can take the lead position. One road is to actually start your own business from scratch, Another is to buy an existing independent business with a track record. Or you could purchase a franchise that has its very own roads to run on. Any of these routes can be taken, but which is the right road for you?

"Are you heading down the right

road and heading in the right direction safely?"

    It's a good idea to have someone help you on a long drive and on a road you've never been down before. Engage a personal driving instructor who has a GPS so you stay on the right road, know what's ahead and are aware of your next turn. Hiring an expert that knows the vehicle and has been on that roadway can help you stay on course, keep our out of harms-way and help you continue moving in the right direction.

    The other way to the top of your company is to work your way from the bottom up, achieve a warranted upper level management position, become the leader of the firm and the eventual owner of the company. In any of these scenarios we can help you get through the tunnel successfully, climb the ladder to the top safely and set the correct course for you on the right road system. You need to be in shape for all of these journeys and understand the old adage that states "the only thing constant in life is change itself"...and that you can bet on.

    You should always engage the help, guidance and direction of an expert and individuals with a wealth of experience so they can help you select the correct tunnel to go through, ladder to climb and road to travel. If you engage people with successful experience who have "been there and done that" many times safely and successfully then why not ask them for their ideas, advice and opinions. It can't hurt and it will definitely help you along the road of business. Again, our two leaders have over seven decades of experience going through tunnels, climbing ladders and taking roads less traveled and you can be the beneficiary their expertise. All you have to do is ask us for help and we'll 'Just Do It', as Nike's tag line suggests.

"There is a light at the end of the tunnel and

we can help you get through it successfully"

Cicardi A. Bruce    &    Richard T. Pisani

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