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American Marketing Group, Inc.

Consulting - Coaching - Mentoring…since 1978!


"Coaching Winners...Mentoring Success!"

    The two leaders of American Marketing Group, Inc., also known as AMG, are Cicardi A. Bruce Chairman & CEO, and Richard T. Pisani who is our President & COO.AMG has been a business development firm since 1978 and specializes in business coaching, business brokerage, franchise consulting and business training. The two principals have over seven decades of combined entrepreneurial success and corporate executive experience and have spent an enormous amount of time consulting, coaching and mentoring business owners and managers to help them reach their goals in the world of business. One of their primary goals is to help business people become better leaders, managers and problem solvers so they can improve the financial stability and overall health of their company. They are of the opinion that John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, was right when he stated the following about the true quality of a leader: "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

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Chairman - CEO

President - COO

    Both Cicardi and Rich believe in giving back to their community. Together they have been a volunteer founder, officer or advisory board member to over seventy business, civic, charity political organizations in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. They became the Co-Founders of the St. Louis 1904 World's Fair Charitable Foundation (www, on March 14, to celebrate the 100 Year Anniversary of the 1904 World's Fair & III Olympiad in Forest Park throughout the year of 2004. The charity will also host and co-host events in 2014 to salute the 110 Year Anniversary of the Fair & Olympics in order to continue raising funds for the Forest Park 'beautification' program, the St. Louis Zoo and other local charities. Their Honorary Advisory Board is made up of the most prestigious individuals in our local area and state. This board includes the most current MO Governor, MO Lt. Governor, St. Louis County Executive, St. Louis City Mayor, US Senators, US Congressman, MO State Senators, MO State Representatives, as well as VIP's from radio, television, sports the business arena.

    In 2012 the two men were appointed to the MO History Museums 'stl250 Advisory Board' and are currently the two Co-Chairs of the stl250 'Ambassadors' program, which is a speakers bureau designed to 'get the word out' about the '250th. Anniversary' of the founding of St. Louis and its entire 15 county region in 1764 by fur trappers Pierre Laclede and Chouteau. This is an all-volunteer group that has been set up to host and co-host events in order to celebrate the 250th. birthday of the City of St. Louis and its 15 county region, which is home to almost three million residents, nearly 200K businesses and is the 15th. economic engine in the United States. Events will be held in the City of St. Louis and the 15 county region throughout the entire year of 2014 and everyone is invited to join in the festivities. To review the events that you, your family and friends may want to attend, plus for more information on how you can become a volunteer or event sponsor for-and-in your local community you can visit our site at

    You may contact Cicardi and Rich at AMG Corporate Offices, c/o AMG at 400 Chesterfield Center, Suite 400, Chesterfield, MO 63017, which is located in the Merrill Lynch building in front of Chesterfield Mall or you can contact Rich Pisani at Also, you can call their office at 636-537-7720 to set up a time that is convenient for you to meet with them. If you would like to read our just click on AMG Newsletter and please feel to give us newsletter topics to consider. Email us your suggestions, ideas or an article you have authored about a specific business topic and we'll get back to you to discuss it. If your writing fits our criteria we will ask you to agree to allow us to post it on our new AMG website at for our visitors to review and comment on at We welcome your input!

    Since 1978 AMG has been a business development firm that has focused on consulting, coaching and mentoring in the world of business. We have done this by working with our clients for over three decades and specializing in business coaching, business brokerage, franchise consulting and business training. In essence, we help individuals achieve both their business and personal goals in life.

    There is no question that ''two heads are better than one,'' but a group of like-minded peers can get the job done quicker. When three or more individuals team up and bring diverse talents, abilities, desire, ambition, and self-motivation to the table they can accomplish anything they set their minds's all about the 'team' working together. For this to happen you need a good team leader and group of peers that have adopted an agreed-to, written and detailed plan that all have the same goal in succeed and hit their target.

    Circa 1900 steel magnate and famous philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, and his protégé, Napoleon Hill, concluded after a twenty year of over 500 successful individuals that "if the mind can conceive it and believe it then it can achieve it." That's how Mr. Carnegie became the richest man in the world back then and created the Carnegie Steel Co., which was the first company to ever have a market-cap of over $1B at that time in history. With help from his friend, banker and well know deal-maker, John "JP" P. Morgan, Carnegie sold his holdings and helped create U.S. Steel. This made him the wealthiest man on the planet and allowed him to retire at age 66 to become an extremely famous, well respected and admired philanthropist so he could help others who were less fortunate. He put a plan together with his hand-picked team of peers and started funding public libraries, and world peace projects. Before his death Mr. Carnegie gave most of the credit for his amazing success to his peer group advisory board that he called 'The Mastermind Group'. Also, Mr. Hill went on to become one of the most successful best-selling authors on self-help and personal development, as well as one of the most sought after professional speakers in America when he released his best seller, "Think and Grow Rich." This 'science on success' draft and 'secrets to success' re-draft was finally titled and was published as a best seller in 1937 and is available to this day in book and digital formats.

    To make the entrepreneurial trip and endeavor a true success or in order to get to the top of a company and into the strata of top-tier, inner circle and upper level management the brightest business individuals know they can't do it alone, so they seek out the proper business support from others who can help by consulting, coaching and mentoring. A peer group advisory board with an experienced meeting facilitator can help provide professional leadership, guidance, direction, support and advice. The process of openly and honestly communicating with peers and others who are experts in their own respective fields can help each teammate reach their goals quicker and better than going it alone. Joining the AMG 'Business Advisory Board' led by our very well experienced AMG Group Facilitator can help do just that...we will assist you so you can hit your target quickly.

    Our two principals have over seven decades of combined experience in Corporate America and entrepreneurial expertise to share with you. Plus, our AMG 'Business Advisory Board' program is a business support service of peers who become a "Band of Backers" for you. The AMG Group Facilitator is the team leader and all are there to "watch each others back" and help one another become better leaders, managers and problem solvers, which improves the overall health and financial stability of your company during these uncertain economic times.

    Because the two principals of AMG have over seventy years of collective business experience they know what business owners and top-tier managers are up against. They have packaged the AMG 'Business Advisory Board service program in such a way that makes it affordable and simple to share their successful track record with their teammates, which is a major benefit to each member and their firm. Also, when you are invited to join either a business owners group as the ''First in Command'' and the final decision maker at your firm you will be joining others who are in the same exact position with their's "the buck stops here'' manor woman that is your peer. On the other hand, if you are an upper level manager and have a "Second in Command" position and are a very" High-Level Decision Influencer" in your firm you will be placed in a group of business peers who have very similar titles, job descriptions, authority lines and responsibilities that are equal to yours. In either case you will always be placed in a group of equals and will never have an employee, customer, vendor or direct competitor on your have exclusivity for your specific industry. Additionally, you will always be guaranteed complete privacy and confidentiality because all members execute a 'Confidentiality& Non- Disclosure Agreement', as well as a ''Privacy Statement.'' And finally, your AMG Group Facilitator, along with your peer group advisory board, will listen to your issues, concerns and problems and give you suggestions, ideas and advice on how to best fix them drawing from their own business experiences. Your teammates will help you 'identify symptoms and fix the real problems', which will be a great benefit to both you and your company.

    If you are a current member of a peer group advisory board and want to make a move upward then AMG is the next step in the right direction. We have the utmost respect for all of our industry competitors...we are simply a step ahead and notch above them. Also, if you have never belonged to a 'peers helping peers' team or a 'business support group' then do yourself a favor and give AMG a try for our '90 Day Evaluation Period'. If you attend your first three peer group advisory board meetings and private coaching sessions with your AMG Group Facilitator, plus have started on both your short-term '90 Day Action Plan' and your long-term ' 5 Year Business Plan' and don't feel you have derived any benefits from our process then your monthly dues of $550 will be questions asked. Conversely, if you're not the right fit for the team and your AMG Group Facilitator and peers request that you not move forward into the fourth month you will again receive a full questions asked.



    When the peer group gathers for four hours each month in their private advisory board meeting all members are asked to share their most current and critical business issues, concerns and problems in order to get suggestions, ideas and advice from teammates on how to become better problem solvers. There are noticeable and some very obvious benefits derived from this process and each member can then capitalize on them for themselves and their company. Each member can and will become both a better leader, manager and problem solver, which will positively impact the overall health and financial stability of their during these tough economic times.



    Additionally, there are some built-in and intrinsic benefits that are a natural part of the process of the 'peers helping peers' concept. The two principals of AMG have over seven decades of experiences that they will automatically share with each teammate during the monthly four hour peer group meeting sand the two hour private coaching sessions. Cicardi Bruce owned, operated and sold his own company to a large competitor in St. Louis and became an 'educated investor' in 1991, as well as the Chairman of AMG in 2002. He truly understands what it takes to operate his own stock, bond, mutual fund and real estate portfolio and has a wealth of expertise he is willing to share with our members. Since 1978, Rich Pisani has been offering three ''premiere services'' through AMG and the topics outlined below will give 'added value' to each individual in the group. The following three subject matters will be automatically woven into each and every group and private gathering.

    We can teach an individual member how to start a business, buy an existing firm or sell their company in a private and confidential manner. It gives the 'First in Command' the ability to find out how they can expand through starting a new division, acquiring other companies or franchising their already successful business model. Plus, this will give members an 'exit strategy' if they want to market their business for the maximum Fair Market Value (FMV). Also, it will gives the 'Second in Command' or top-tier manager who participates as a member the ability to learn the process of climbing the ladder to success in their company and/or how to become the owner of their very own business one day...maybe even the firm they work for.

    Since we started in 1978, AMG has been a franchisor, franchisee and franchise agent. So, we can show you how to market a successful business concept by using the financial strength and manpower of others by franchising. We have an excellent franchise attorney that will help you prepare the legal Federal Disclosure Documents (FDD) to comply with both the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) laws, as well as the seventeen states that require amendments that go above and beyond the FTC 'Rules and Regulations'.

    We offer business training courses in basic and advanced sales training called 'Professional Selling Techniques' (PST), as well as 'Entrepreneurial Studies' (ES).

    Our PST course includes both basic and advanced training and will teach your sales force the latest selling strategies, which will show them how to earn more commissions for themselves and improve the gross revenues and bottom line for their company. It can be customized for your firm to show you how to 'gain and retain' customers, which will help your business 'go and grow.'

    The ES training will teach each and every individual how to start a business, buy a business or sell a business. An 'entrance strategy' with a business plan to become a business owner is one thing, but coming up with the right 'exit strategy' business plan to get the highest Fair Market Value (FMV) for your company when you sell it is another.

    In 1978 AMG's President and COO, Richard T. Pisani, left a very successful career at Xerox in sales, major account marketing, sales training and area sales management to start his first company, American Business Brokers, Inc., also known as ABB. This business model specialized in appraising and marketing privately held companies in the St. Louis Region. He and his marketing team first learned how to operate a business-only brokerage firm that listed and sold businesses - not real estate -by purchasing a franchise training program from All-State Business Brokers, Inc. This firm was headquartered in the state of Florida and operated twenty one of their own business brokerage offices. Once he and his team were trained and learned the details of brokering business in the St. Louis Metropolitan Region they hired consultants to help them formulate a business plan so they could expand the company in the central area of the U.S by franchising the business model as All-State Business Brokers did in the state of Florida.

    When your business reaches its goal, is financially successful, has a proven track record and reaches 'market share maturity' you need to prepare a plan for your next move. You should consider putting together an exit strategy plan for the future so you can either sell the firm for maximum value, add more company owned locations, acquire other firms or your competitors and/or franchise your business model. We've ''been there and done that'' for a multitude of clients for over three decades...since 1978! Our experience will help you achieve your goals in a more efficient and effective manner. If you give it your absolute best and absorb the knowledge that will be bestowed upon you there's no doubt that you and your firm will benefit from our expertise.

    The only thing that's constant in the world of business is 'change' itself and we can help you with every detour. When you develop and finalize your short term '90 Day Action Plan' to handle the most current and critical business challenge you have, plus create your long term '5 Year Business Plan' just know that both are 'work in progress' plans and they will need to be amended on an 'as needed' basis to fit your own company needs and the forever changing business world, economic times and technological advances we have in today's commerce.

    Because AMG has been a franchisor, a franchisee and a franchise consultant for over three decades we can help you with creating a franchise plan for your concept, which can be a complex packaging, marketing and legal process. We have the experience and resources that can help you expand your concept by franchising your business model using other peoples financial strength and management expertise. Plus, we follow all of the state laws and Federal Trade Commission Rules that govern the franchising of a business in the U.S.

    We can handle your franchise packaging, marketing, unit openings and assist you with on-going training and support to keep your system on track. If a franchisee wants out of the system for any reason, we sell their franchise for them either to the franchisor, a franchisee or the public. On the other hand, if they are doing a great job, like the system and want to purchase more units we help them develop a plan to do so. In either case we keep everyone happy and avoid law suits because we know what to do and have done it successfully many times.

    Depending on your goals we can help you expand your franchise system on a local, regional or national scale. We know the professionals in our industry and utilize the national business and franchise brokerage network that is available to AMG. Dominating market share in a certain geographic or vertical market place is one of the main goals of expanding a franchise system. Making money by taking a successful chain public one day is the ultimate goal of many entrepreneurs who build a solid franchise system.

    In essence, we first help you look at the big picture on the puzzle box. Then, we work with you on every piece of that puzzle to help you put it together properly so that all the pieces fit exactly right with a true 'partnering effort'. Our handshake with you means everything and we'll work with your team and make it a seamless process. We make it a 'win-win' for the franchisor, the franchisees, customers and all of the vendors who will benefit from the expansion of your business concept.

    In St. Louis AMG is best known for the franchise launch and expansion of The Pasta House Co. ' Italian Restaurant ' chain in Missouri and Illinois that started in 1983. We also launched the franchise expansion program in St. Louis for both Ruma's Deli in 1987 and The Crack Team in 2004. On a national scale AMG has two success stories. First, we helped VR Business Brokers expand from 75 offices in the New England Region to over 650 franchises in the U.S. and Canada before helping them with their IPO in the mid eighties. Then, we recently helped the Illinois firm, Information Protection Solutions of America (IPSA), expand from one shredding firm in downtown Chicago to over 140 licensed full service shredding locations in the U.S. before stockholders sold out to a Fortune 500 company in 2010.

    In closing, please be aware that franchising your concept is not for the ''faint of heart'' and that it takes a tremendous amount of money, time, effort, energy and patience. Becoming a franchisor means that you are starting a new business division for your existing company...from scratch. The process brings with it some very unique business opportunities, along with special issues, concerns and problems, special legal matters and group dynamics to contend with. There is always a possibility of increasing your gross revenues and net profit if you do it correctly. Conversely, if you don't follow a well thought out and written business plan, deliver in accordance with your franchise agreement, stay up to date with your Franchise Operations Manual (FOM), have an on-going Research & Development plan in place and abide by the laws surrounding franchising it can become a very unsuccessful journey. Franchising is a concept that requires complete transparency to the public who is making an investment and purchasing your franchise model. The backbone of franchising includes the basic training, advanced training, continued support, advertising clout, buying power and staying ahead of your direct competitors can't afford a weak link. Also, once a franchisee is trained and has gained the experience to operate your concept they start asking themselves "now that I'm trained and know how to operate the business why should I have to keep paying royalties to my franchisor?" If you can't answer that question as your chain grows then don't even consider becoming a franchisor. AMG will help the franchisor set up its own franchise association so all members can communicate openly with each other and the franchisor. Franchisees should always have the ability to voice their collective suggestions through a spokesperson to be heard. Ideas they give to the franchisor may be tested first and could help the entire system grow and improve over time in order to add value to each unit. On a regular basis the franchisor will need to conduct both franchisee and employee attitude surveys to find out how all are doing and feeling. Also, you need to conduct customer opinion surveys and check on your direct competitors to stay in tune with what your clients needs are and how your direct competition is responding to the market place. So, make sure your chain has a streamlined and continued two-way communications process. The system itself has its own built-in business advisory board, which is the franchise association and is an automatic benefit to both the franchisor and the franchisees.

    The two principals of AMG have over seven decades of experience in both the sales and the entrepreneurial process. Because of this expertise, AMG offers two types of business training courses that can be customized for an individual or any company.

    The Chairman of AMG, Cicardi A. Bruce, spent almost three decades in the printing industry, plus he has been an 'educated investor' for over twenty years now. Out of college he took over his family's printing business as President and CEO. At that time his firm had thirty employees and gross revenues of $500K. He was able to expand to 250 employees that belonged to six unions and produced over $6M in gross revenues in a short period of time. This happened because of his talent as a great salesperson, his ability to negotiate with union leaders and the fact that he quickly grasped the process of becoming an entrepreneur, leader, manager and problem solver. He knows how to sell, run a business and as an 'educated investor' is the overseer of his own stock, bond, mutual fund and real estate portfolio. And he is willing to share his expertise with you as a client, which can help you reach your goals faster. Also, he believes that giving back to his local community is very important and has been actively involved as a volunteer founder, officer or advisory board member to over thirty five non-profit organizations.

    The President and Founder of AMG, Richard T. Pisani, spent over seven successful years at Xerox Corporation in the St. Louis Region as an Area Sales Representative, Major Account Marketing Specialist, Branch Sales Training Manager and Area Sales Manager. During that time he had the opportunity to be their Branch Sales Training Manager where he was 'trained to be a sales trainer'. He was in charge of recruiting, hiring and training the entire sales force in the mid-seventies. He hired college graduates with virtually no sales experience, as well as seasoned sales reps and marketeers from direct competitors of Xerox. During his tenure he taught the internationally famous Xerox 'Professional Selling Skills (PSS) program on both the basic and advanced levels to new hires and experienced senior sales personnel. In addition, he has trained hundreds of sales people at a multitude of firms using the well known AMG 'Professional Selling Techniques' (PST) program. He also taught PST at both St. Louis University in their Center for Entrepreneurial Studies for eight years (1987 - 1994) and at St. Louis Community College in their "SLCC Continuing Education Department" for twenty two years (1987 - 2009). Between delivering training at Xerox, AMG, St. Louis University and in the St. Louis Community College system he's given both basic and advanced sales training to hundreds of companies and their sales representatives. Your sales force will learn from him and his years of sales training experience.



    The AMG 'Professional Selling Techniques' (PST) program is designed to teach the newest basic and advanced sales strategies to your sales force that are being used in today's times. It can be custom designed to fit your firms specific needs. This course requires active participation of all students because it includes classroom training , audio-video role play reviews and in-field calls when required. Each individual "gets out what they put in'' as the saying goes.



    Our AMG 'Entrepreneurial Studies'(ES) program is designed to help all individuals that want to experience the American dream, which is to one day own and operate their own business. We help them understand and analyze the entrepreneurial process. This can be accomplished by showing individuals the differences between starting a business from scratch or buying an independent firm with a track record. We also train them on how to form an exit strategy plan so they can sell their company in a confidential manner when ready. If the business owner wants to grow we will also show them how to expand through acquiring competitors and/or franchising an already successful business model.

    Additionally, we cover topics on how to create a short-term action plan, a long-term business plan, appraising and marketing a privately held business advertising your firms product or service, how to launch a public relations program, and how to generate leads from both personal and social networking, fraud awareness and more.

    When the owner of a business or a top-tier manager is qualified, interested and invited to join our AMG Business Advisory Board they benefit greatly from our AMG Business Training outlined above. All the course topics are covered during the regular peer group advisory board meetings and the private coaching sessions with an experienced AMG Group Facilitator. To get the most from our on-going business training and continued support each teammate must actively participate in all monthly group meetings and private coaching sessions on a regular basis. On a monthly basis you will be involved in a four hour peer group advisory board meeting, plus a two hour private coaching session with your AMG Group Facilitator for a grand total of six hours per month. We work with you on your 'things to do' list that you received from your team meetings, a '90 Day Action Plan', as well as your '5 Year Business Plan.' When you miss a meeting you might be missing out on getting a possible solution to the very problem that kept you from attending the gathering with your very own teammates. Next, you must be willing to help others so that in turn you can learn and get help from your AMG Group Facilitator and your teammates experiences. If you immerse yourself in this process and bond with your leader and peers it will help you become a more effective and efficient entrepreneur or top-tier manager. Once this happens each teammate can become a better leader, manager and problem solver, which will have a positive impact on the overall health and financial stability of their own business.

    When you engage AMG in the Professional Selling Techniques (PST) and/or the Entrepreneurial Studies (ES) program both you and your company will benefit from our principals seven decades of experience. Both programs together will help you improve your new client base, retain your existing customers longer, improve the firms gross sales, net profits and your firms movement forward in your industry.

    The entire business training process can include both basic and advanced sales training, plus the entrepreneurial studies program. We also have a program called Fraud Detection (FD), which will teach you how to detect and stop your firm from loosing money due to abnormal waste, active pilferage and outright theft. This type of training can help your company achieve financial stability that is needed for your firm in today's business world and uncertain economic times.

    In conclusion, you may want to adopt an attitude-of-gratitude about both your personal and business goes very quickly, so you need to make the most out of it. Some individuals believe in the old adage of "what goes around comes around in life" or "lead, follow or get out of the way." Others ''hope for the best, prepare for the worst (with a back-up plan) and take what comes''. You need to adopt your own thoughts and ideas about what you want and need out of your personal and business life. If you are an expert at something of value share it with the others around you..."pay it forward."

"There is a light at the end of the tunnel and

we can help you get through it successfully"

Cicardi A. Bruce    &    Richard T. Pisani

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